Infrastuctures and Webinars


  • 12 European partners
  • Its aim: “[…] to improve the access of scholars from all over the world to the data, information and sources concerning the study of the historical and cultural influence of the plural religious heritage in the European history”.
  • “ReIReS creates a synergy between the partners, offering a transnational and virtual access to the most significant tools and sources in the field of religious studies”
  • online materials for training activities: schools, courses, etc.

Resilience : 

  • 12 academic institutions 
  • permanent European Research Infrastructure on Religious Studies
  • physical as well as digital access to knowledge about religion
  • user-centered: supports its future users in finding, handling and sharing knowledge
  • Research-enhancing services (Digital services, Training programme, Collections, Fellowships programme)
  • Research-Enabling Services (Connection with an expert, access to textes, search index, etc. )
  • Research Data Management (research and preservation of your research data)
  • Data center (technical services) and research center (help desk)
  • Innovation Lab (proof of concept)
  • Event 17 March 2021 RESILIENCE Webinar: Early Modern Studies As a Key to Understanding the Religious Situation in Europe 

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